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I finally gave in and changed to blogger.
You can find my new blog here:


New neck cozy!

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Look it’s our dear new friend, Mika, showing off my new neck cozy!
I think it suits his catsuit quite well!

I crocheted this neckwarmer with my own handspun I had lying around for quite some time now. I found it hard to put it in my shop cause I love wearing it myself.


Rudolf the red nose reindeer lalala

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Look at this fun little fellow.  He even has bendable antlers!

I needle felted him and give him an invisible modeled ribbon hanging.

I love him! ♥



Cosy bracelets

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A while ago I won this amazing set of bracelets form HandMaid Liset. Because of many things (my dearest cat dying, graduation project, me being ill) I haven’t post this set of gorgeous knitted wonders.

Liset I love them. They make me feel all warm and cosy. Thank you soooo very much! And I cherish the colors of this lovelies.



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Batik dragonfly

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So I made my first batik piece last weekend.
Because I am so darn proud of how it came out I just have to post this gigantic lots of pics!
Hope you like it.

Wax in….
First the waxing of the plain white sheet…


First paint-bath, yellow

After the second bath, cyan


Putting it to bath 3, magenta/red


After the third bath, magenta


Before the last bath


Wax out!
Getting the stuff out. Quite horrible.


Finished product!!


Woooooo happy happy!! I just can’t believe I really made that.
Now I just don’t know what to do with it. I thought of putting it on bamboosticks, so it can be hang in front of the window. I love to hear your thoughts.



chocoswirl hip wrap

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Yeah the new choco brown hipbag is finally finished. I put a large wooden button on it. On one side there’s a large string which could be wrapped around the button.


Lushy lush goodness on it’s way!

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ow boy oh boy

I just made a giant order at lush uk and I CAN’T wait!!!
I am running (almost) completely out of my lush goodies. My stack is shrinking disturbingly rapid. So I’m dying to get my package sometime reaaaal soon.
Just imagine having to wash your hair with ordinary shampoo! :P

Well I admit I’m kinda addicted to Lush I guess. But the solid shampoo (the right one is shampoo) is just so lovely and good for my hair I don’t want to use anything else. And it is very handy for taking to the gym. No more leaking shampoo in my sport bag. I take showergel and bodylotion with me for that.



hip wrap show off

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Last week I finished a new hip wrap. It turned out real cute. It’s the most beautiful brown with green swirlies. Which actually are still round! I love very much how it came out. But I’m still doubting about the closure of it. I found some large pin, but it’s really to big to go through the wool without leaving holes. So I still have to figure something out. Anyone a good idea?


Bang Bang Machine

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This really is nostalgia at it’s best!
When I was about 15 years old I bought a cd for 5 gulden at the Platenboef. Just because the cover looks darn cool. It was a full length cd of Bang Bang Machine. And man was it good! I totally loved the cd. I still have it, but it is full of scratches so it skips all the time. I have to try to digitalize it before it disintegrates. Unfortunately the band never really made it. Darn shame cause I still love them.
On youtube there are just a handfull of vids of them and this is one of them.